Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer time and lots of planning.

So... what did we do over the summer? We met for an afternoon to make our initial plans for implementation and spoke with the individual who will be doing our training. We wanted to get a feeling for the gentleman and if he would relate to our children - we sure think he will. 

We also got our quotes and purchase orders going. As of right now, the last of our hardware has been ordered and we have two trainings in the works. One trainer will be helping us with our LittleBits equipment and the other will deliver and go over how to use our new 3D printer. We are looking forward to the arrival of the equipment and our trainers. We'll let you know what happens. 

And we brainstormed ideas as to how the grant goals will flow directly into the curriculum and we think we have some great ideas... we'll let you know what our chosen lesson will be after we all meet during the first week of school.

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