Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Projects

16 October

The students have been learning about their community in the classroom. They have gone from the planet Earth to our very own little community right here in the Mount Washington Valley so the next grant block will be connecting to community. (Their morning blocks were on hold the past few weeks as they did NWEA testing. That is now behind everyone and we are ready for a new project!)

Taking what they are learning in the classroom to the Village Activities Center, they will begin working with our BeeBots robots. These wonderful little robots are great to start students into the world of programming. They simply have four directional buttons (left, right, forwards, backwards), a go button and a pause and delete. The students will program their BeeBots to go to places in their community like their school, library, our Town Gazebo park and many others. So how will this work? The students will be given a question. For instance, as a starter something very simple like, "Where do you check out a great book to read that you can take home with you?" The students would then find the word library on a grid mat. The robot would then need to be programmed to reach that block.

Students are also learning about the Story Vizualizer software we received as a part of our Legos sets. In the lab, they spent an introduction block where they learned the tools they would be using. What is great about this software is we can take pictures of their creations, upload them to a folder then the students can insert them into their stories. Way cool! As they are still doing some classroom activities before they begin writing, they are using the software to create thank you letters to our local veterans. The letters will be included in the school newspaper, which will be given to the veterans when they attend the annual Veterans Day assembly. The newspaper is also online so many others can enjoy the letters. So far the students have been super psyched!

As we start implementing these next projects, 
we'll keep you posted :-)


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