Friday, December 2, 2016

And.. December Arrives

 Working Together as a Community

As we ended the programming portion of the Village Activities Center, we were so proud of what the students could do. There was no roadblock too powerful to stop them! They worked through every challenge successfully. How did we get such awesome students??

We are now on to their next project - recreating their community. To add to the community we have been creating our characters and practicing our storytelling about the characters in the Lego kits.  We are getting ready to use the story Visualizer to introduce our characters and begin our stories.  The community theme will be a school year project.   We can’t wait to see how it evolves!!

We have the groups busily planning how they would build their community with the Lego Kits we received from the grant. First, they were architects, brainstorming their community and what should be included. And next, they will be the builders… we did tell them they have a budget that they must live within, which is in other words – the materials in each kit!

We have been absolutely astounded at how wonderfully they work together as a team; asking each other’s opinions, taking turns, voting for what they would do… this is with the adults providing minimal guidance. As we step back and watch, it warms our hearts.

Along with the Village and Classroom activities, the students also built cardboard robots in their art classes. We are taking pictures of these wonderful creations so the images can be uploaded to the Story Visualizer software. The students will then create stories about their robot friends. Definitely wonderful learning times.